Coffee scoops

Wooden coffee scoops make a great sustainable alternative to plastic clips and scoops. They are organic, biodegradable and affordable.

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Can wooden coffee scoops and bag clips reduce your plastic footprint?

Are you looking at your plastic coffee clip or scoop and thinking is this sustainable? The answer is it may not be, plastic coffee clips are cheap but brittle and often have a thin hinge that snaps after heavy use. Plastic products can take 1,000 years to degrade, they may also contain fossil fuels such as oil as an ingredient. Your existing coffee scoop may be made of metal, which is a finite resource and must be mined. There is a chance that this metal has been recycled but it may not of been, if your coffee scoop has been recycled then the recycling process may not be very environmentally friendly.

Eco-friendly coffee scoops make a great alternative to plastic coffee clips

Our coffee clips and bag scoops are perfect for your hot drink dry stores including coffee beans, ground coffee, tea and ofcourse caffeinated and decaffeinated drinks. In a dry environment your coffee scoop and bag clip will last for many years and keep your bags air tight for months at a time.