Bamboo Cutlery Travel Set Pouch - Eco Friendly Reusable Utensil Roll - Cream

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Reusable, environmentally friendly bamboo travel sets

We love our eco-friendly cutlery sets, bamboo is a really sustainable soft wood that requires less water to grow than hard woods, directly consumes no fossil fuels and is bio-degradable. Bamboo knifes, forks and spoons can biodegrade in as little as 6 weeks in a home composter and make a great alternative to single use plastic disposable cutlery.

Bamboo travel sets ready to use

Our bamboo cutlery kits are ready to use and are very light weight, much lighter than silverware; bamboo travel sets weigh in at less than 100 grams. These portable and reusable wooden kits roll up into a handle roll smaller than a pencil case, perfect for travelling, camping, picnicking or just as part of a sustainable lunch routine.

How to keep your bamboo cutlery in tip top condition

Bamboo is a durable, anti-bacterial soft wood but unfortunately it will rot with poor care. To maintain your bamboo cutlery kits we recommend wiping them with a damp cloth shortly after use and air drying them in a cool, dry place. Rinse the bamboo straw if it has been used, with the included pipe cleaner. With some light and regular maintenance, your bamboo cutlery kits could last many years.

We want you to have be informed about our bamboo travel cutlery sets, we hold our hands up and admit that not every part of the set is biodegradable. The pouch is not biodegradable although it is durable, the pipe cleaner is made of nylon and metal, the pouch has a clasp which is also metal. It's a shame that this product couldn't be 100% biodegradable but we hope you'll agree that it's a huge environmental step up from disposable single used cutlery.

  • Bamboo fork - 20cm
  • Bamboo spoon - 20cm
  • Bamboo knife - 18.5cm
  • Bamboo chop sticks - 20cm
  • Bamboo straw - 19.5cm
  • Straw cleaner - 20cm
  • Cloth cutlery pouch with clasp - 22.5cm