Bamboo Cutlery Roll - Eco-Friendly Reusable Travel Utensils Pouch - Plum Purple Set

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Eco-friendly wooden travel cutlery sets

Bamboo is such an environmentally friendly wood, perfect for flatware cutlery kits. Bamboo is a soft wood that consumes very little water compared to hard woods, it is naturally anti bacterial and biodegradable. Did you know you can biodegrade the bamboo used in travel cutlery sets in as little as 6 weeks? What a fantastic alternative to single use plastic disposable cutlery.

Bamboo travel kits for any occasion

Bamboo travel sets come in a flat pouch with individual pockets for each bamboo utensil item. This pouch rolls up in a portable, light pouch weighing less than 100 grams and less than 1" wide. Such a beautiful alternative to disposable, single use plastic, we ship our wooden cutlery sets in an attractive gift box and back all sales with a generous return policy.

It's time to learn about bamboo cutlery

Bamboo travel cutlery is not disposable, it is reusable and as such it needs a slight degree of maintenance. Damp Bamboo utensils and flatware will eventually rot so it is essential to wipe your bamboo cutlery gently, with a dry cloth, shortly after use. If you perform some light maintenance on your bamboo cutlery pouches then you will enjoy many years of use out of them and minimise your impact on the environment.

There are some things to consider when buying environmentally friendly wooden cutlery from Willow & Husk. Unfortunately the bamboo cutlery pouch is not recyclable and may take years to biodegrade, there is also a nylon/metal pipe cleaner and metal pouch clasp. Potentially these items can be recycled but your local council may not take these items.

  • Bamboo fork - 20cm
  • Bamboo spoon - 20cm
  • Bamboo knife - 18.5cm
  • Bamboo chop sticks - 20cm
  • Bamboo straw - 19.5cm
  • Straw cleaner - 20cm
  • Cloth cutlery pouch with clasp - 22.5cm