Bamboo Toothbrush for Kids - Charcoal Bristles

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Kids can save the planet too with our children’s bamboo toothbrush pack

Bamboo is perfect for toothbrushes due to its natural antibacterial properties and sturdiness. Bamboo is fantastically sustainable, it grows quickly and easily, bamboo consume less water than hard woods to grow. Bamboo is the natural food of the panda animal but the bamboo used in our bamboo toothbrushes will not harm panda populations.

Using children’s bamboo toothbrushes

Children’s bamboo toothbrushes need only a small amount of maintenance to stay in tiptop condition, simply dry the brushes on a towel after use to avoid the bamboo decaying prematurely. A well maintained children’s bamboo toothbrush will last as long as plastic toothbrushes.

When you are ready to dispose of your kids bamboo toothbrush simply throw it in the compost and it will degrade in as little at six weeks. All of our bamboo toothbrushes ship in recycled and recyclable packaging which can be put in your weekly collection.

Whether you are looking to switch away from plastic toothbrushes for the first time, looking to introduce your kids to bamboo toothbrushes or just replacing your previous kids bamboo toothbrushes, we think you’ll really like our children’s bamboo toothbrushes and we’re excited for you to try them and tell us what you think.

Pack contains 4 bamboo toothbrushes
Length: 15cm