It’s time for change

We are Willow & Husk, an online retailer of eco-friendly products for your home. 

You are probably reading this page because you are worried about your plastic or carbon footprint and we are worried about ours too. 

We started Willow & Husk to create a space to bring our favourite eco-friendly products to one place and add a bit of flair to them. 

We aim to sell products that look absolutely gorgeous but are also eco-friendly and sustainable.

We’ll be honest with you

As well as bringing gorgeous eco-friendly home products to market we want to be honest about how these products are made and how eco-friendly they really are. 

Some of our products are completely biodegradable and you can simply throw them on your composter to discard them. 

Most of our products are delivered in recycled and/or recyclable packaging such as kraft paper/card. Most of our products are plastic free.

Some of our products are organic and some are made from natural byproducts of other farming activities, such as our coconut bowls from coconut shells.

Our products have unique eco-friendly properties, like our bamboo toothbrushes that are only made from Moso type bamboo, which is less harmful to local Panda populations.

Not all of our products are biodegradable, recyclable, recycled, organic, hand-made, plastic-free and vegan - but we’ll tell you which is which and help you make an informed decision.