Two Bamboo Cutlery Sets - Eco Friendly Reusable Travel Rolls - Moon Grey & Plum Purple Pouch


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Re-usable, eco-friendly bamboo travel cutlery

These bamboo cutlery set pouches come in two gorgeous colours: light grey and purple. Purchase this item and you'll receive both bamboo cutlery travel sets, perfect for couples, families or just having a spare set to rotate.

These bamboo cutlery sets are fantastically sustainable - they are completely re-usable and durable. They make a great alternative to disposable cutlery and plastic straws. If you ever want to dispose of your bamboo travel cutlery then simply throw the degradable items into your green bin at home!

Bamboo cutlery set with everything you need

These are so light and portable, each bamboo cutlery set weighs less than 100 grams. Each two pack of bamboo travel cutlery comes in a lovely gift box as well as individual gift boxes for each bamboo cutlery set so you can split a set to give one to a friend or partner.

Each pack contains:

  • Bamboo Spoon
  • Bamboo Fork
  • Bamboo Knife
  • Bamboo Chop Sticks
  • Straw Cleaner
  • Bamboo Straw

Bamboo travel cutlery - What you need to know

Like all woods, bamboo travel cutlery will rot if left damp for days, we recommend cleaning and gently dry wiping your cutlery shortly after use. Leave the bamboo cutlery set to air dry in a ventilated area, especially the straw which is difficult to wipe dry completely.

All of our products come with full disclosure on their eco-friendliness.This bamboo travel cutlery set does not contain any plastic packaging however it is not a fully bio-degradable product. The bamboo straw contains plastics and metals, the pouch has a metal clasp, the pouch contains textiles which may take a long time to bio-degrade.