Two Beech Wood Coffee Scoop - Wooden Bag Clip Tablespoon Measure - Twin Pack

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Pack of 2 wooden coffee scoops - a great alternative to plastic clips

If you have decided that plastic coffee bag clips are not for you then our beech wood coffee scoop and bag clips maybe what you are looking for. Beechwood is very strong and perfect for long term use in coffee and tea bag clips. There is no brittle hinge with our beech would coffee scoops, just one solid wood coffee clip and scoop with room to clip a high-quality bag and air valve. Beech wood coffee scoops are very rigid and this ensures that it is very easy to get an airtight seal on a bag of coffee or tea grounds.

These beech wood coffee clip scoops look great and less out of place than plastic clips, they have a beautiful, natural wood grain, perfect for a country style, eco friendly home. These coffee scoop and bag clips measure exactly 1 tablespoon of coffee or tea grounds and ofcourse they can be used for caffeinated or decaffeinated drinks.

How sustainable is a wooden coffee clip

All Willow and Husk products come with full disclosure on their sustainability, our products make great alternatives to plastic homeware and each product has different properties.

Beech wood takes approximately 10 years to decompose, this can be longer in a landfill environment so please dispose of your coffee scoop bag clip with your green waste or home composter. Try to keep your coffee scoop dry, dry quickly if cleaning just as you would a chopping board or wooden work top. Clean your eco-friendly coffee clip by wiping with a damp cloth. This product is not completely plastic free and is packaged in a thin cellophane wrapper. No plastic will be used in the packing and shipping of your order.

2 beech wood coffee scoops
Length: 16cm
Width: 1.6cm
Capacity: 1 Tablespoon